Wireless setting updating go pro hero 3

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UPDATE: Recently I have received a quick anwer from the Go Pro suport team. Quote Update for Case #1332195 – “Wifi issue” Hi Filip, Thanks for your email. If you’re unsure of how to do that, read these instructions on how to reformat your micro SD card in your camera. Here are some pictures of the adapters if you’re unsure of what they look like. Click on the link at the end of this step, which will download the UPDATE folder to your computer. In a few seconds, the camera’s screen will flash “UPDATING” with a picture of a down-arrow and a camera to indicate that it’s updating.

In response to your email, can you please just try and update the software once again on your camera to see if this resolves the issue. Note – if the UPDATE folder is zipped once you download it to your computer, meaning that you see “UPDATE.zip” instead of “UPDATE”, double-click on it so that unzips to give you the UPDATE folder. Make sure your camera is powered OFF, then insert your micro SD card back into your camera. It’ll power OFF/ON 1-2 times, and show a message saying “UPDATE SUCCESS”.

After a few hours I just put it back in my bag and gave up with it.Capture makes it easy to control your Go Pro, view your photos and videos, and share your favorite shots on the go. I am sure the camera itself is great but I like simple and this does not seem to be simple.(1) ) The app transforms your i Phone, i Pad or Apple Watch into a convenient remote control for your Go Pro—preview shots, start and stop recording, quickly adjust settings and more. I read the notes to go and download the 3 apps and what do I see? Multiple, CONSISTENT reviews on how horrible the software is and how unreliable it is when trying to control it from another device. I am tired of giving my personal information away for something stupid like this and for it to not even work.So I got back home and tried updating firmware and spoke to Go PRO on the phone and they have sent me ways to manually update it etc.I tried several different methods and techniques until i got to this stage.

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