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Gone are the chubby cheeks and schoolgirl bob, but she seems also to have bypassed any teen awkwardness and proceeded straight to Confident Young Woman.

Her long brown hair is teased into glamorous waves.

Like most professional actresses, Anna Popplewell insisted on the use of a body double for certain film scenes.

Unlike most actresses, it wasn't because of insecurities about her appearance.

I don’t want to do anything to jeopardise that and I have four years before I have to think about other things or other acting work.

It’s been over a decade since we first saw Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter walk through that magical wardrobe into one of our favorite fantasy lands of all time, Narnia.

And while we know how adorable the Pevensie children were back then, we were curious what they’re up to now!

The Chronicles of Narnia's Georgie Henley headed to London's Grosvenor House on Sunday to celebrate the Jameson Empire Awards with her co-star Will Poulter.

Henley stepped out in a pair of black heels embroidered with the words "Let's Dance" in white. Henley told reporters that she probably won't appear in the next Chronicles of Narnia film, saying "I've really no idea what's going on with the Narnia franchise, I'm so wrapped up in [exams] and craziness like that."Browse more...

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