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"I'll make homemade cashew milk, light some incense in my apartment, then put on a Classical or Bollywood record to set the tone for my day. I like at least a solid 15-20 minutes to myself." Naturally, me-time means no phones, no emails, and New York City is home to some of the best street style in the world, and Margot's proof that fashion can inspire."I get dressed up every day to go to the studio," she says.If it is neatly and tightly inlaid, that is a good sign.

We’ll have dinner at Rosa’s Thai or Cây Tre on Dean Street and catch up on our weeks.He was among the early pioneers of modern jazz, but equally at home in many styles, including light orchestral and country-and-western music.He is perhaps unique in having played with both Duke Ellington and the Beatles.Take everything you thought you new about #goals and throw it out the window, because Margot is redefining everyone's favorite hashtag.The classically trained violinist and member of disco-centric duo The Dolls promises she's "the ultimate nerd," but her life is full blown rockstar.

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