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Geezus the way they always go to town with their tongues. They hate the presumption that they have to be the top. My sister only dates black men, she says they all go down, but that none of them will admit to it in public, and most all have told her not to tell anyone. For what it's worth, my sister is kinda slutty and has been with a lot of guys, so I kinda take her word for it.

My sister-in-law has an Italian fiancee, and he uses all sorts of excuses not to go down on her.

Ultimately, however, remember this: Don’t expect your relationship with a girl to stand still: it’s a constantly changing and evolving process as both partners grow either apart or together.

And I concur that the fish smell is not normal or healthy. I suspect it's a myth started by guys who weren't clever enough to think of the Throat Yeast Infection excuse. Like R20, I totally disagree with the 'fish' correlation, and believe it's another example of the myths that are bandied around by macho het men who claim to love women but instead objectify them with hatred.

Today, shoppers are savvier than ever before yet in most cases, although we like the idea of choice, what we really want is to be directed to the best. Not cunning marketing ploys that encourage us to part with yet more of our hard-earned cash.

As lifestyle journalists and enthusiastic shoppers, we’re forever being asked to track down the top products.

As a kid you had his posters on your wall (I’m not ashamed to admit that I did!

), maybe you took up martial arts to be like him, and had all his movies on VHS (yup that’s what us kids of the 70s/ 80s had at home! Bruce Lee was an ultimate icon of his era and made being a masculine, confident Asian man in the Western world the coolest thing ever.

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