Signs of dating abuse

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Thousands of men and women suffer from verbal and physical abuse, though women tend to be on the receiving end of an abusive relationship more often than their male counterparts.

Among the millions of women engaged in intimate relationships, 35% of them are involved with someone who is either physically or verbally abusive.

Dating violence, as it is also called, can take place during both a casual dating situation and a serious, committed relationship.

Other kinds of less obvious abuses often involved in dating abuse situations include emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and verbal abuse.

Abusers often use emotional blackmail or psychological manipulation to control the abused parties.

He/she may challenge your ideas or actions telling you that the way you do things is “wrong”.

Debating which is the better song or team or idea is something every one does, but if your partner insists that you think like he/she does your personal opinions are being limited . When he/she confronts you, you feel that you can diffuse the situation by agreeing to do what he/she wants.

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