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Oddly, it actually makes more sense that I experience the spoofy online dating videos and weird Skyping with mom moments and multiple social media personas from the comfort of my home, online, in front of a laptop and monitor. It sounds far more mundane in execution than it appeared to me yesterday, online, in a flurry of emailed Vimeo links and oversized JPGs.I hate Jill Pangallo and I want to unfollow her, but like Marina Abramović, one of the artists she spoofs, or her latest protégé, Lady Gaga, I just. Real-life is but a slow moving cat meowing loudly at its owners’ back door, at least in comparison to the rapid-speed pace of conversations online.The app doesn't generate any objectionable content, but depending on your contacts, there's always that risk.Parents will want to note that the app asks for access to your contacts and will send invites to all of them if you're not careful.In considering the social media “celebrity” or just the social networked persona, this lesser-known Mc Luhan quote better captures the tongue-in-cheek nature of artist Jill Pangallo, whose work interrogates social networked identities and personas: “The stars so big, The Earth is so small, Stay as you are.”I wasn’t at Pangallo’s latest performance at Austin’s MASS Gallery as part of her residency at Hotbox, but it doesn’t matter.I experienced it online, and the internet is the medium, which is the message and the massage, rubbing your brain into your body and into the internet worlds beyond. The actual performance, as Pangallo explains to me via email, was part reading, then screening an accompanying video interspersed with conversations about process.The proposal is part of a range of schemes to ease pressure on the hospital, which is coping with higher-than-forecast increases in demand.They also include the possibility of doctors treating patients via email consultations.

It features 24 hours of battery life and claims to be a 'mini-disco on the move'. Chief executive Mark Hackett said: ‘Some patients take on technology better than others.But these methods could suit in particular the under-50s who now have to take time off work to get to appointments.In the exchanges where he pretended to be a teenager, Leiper asked his victim her age, whether she liked "older boys" and if she "was a virgin".Prosecutor Dingle Clark said Leiper asked his victim: "How far you been?

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