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Starting around June 2012 up until 11 September 2013, Buchanan and his accomplices, including John T.Hoang Jr., used these two methods to take over Google accounts: Taking over a Google account gets somebody access to all the G-goodies, including the Google-owned services You Tube, Ad Sense and, of course, Gmail.Tarantino’s letter worked, but he was only able to get the licensing fee for the song down to ,000, his total music budget.Because music was still super important to the Tarantino style of filmmaking, he ended up making a deal to put the film’s soundtrack on CD, giving him access to extra money to buy more songs.

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Court papers filed on Thursday detailed how, over the course of squeezing You Tube for Ad Sense profits, Buchanan and his conspirators also came across a vulnerability that gave them access to AOL employee’s email accounts, right up to the inbox of the AOL CEO himself.

Buchanan and his accomplices dazzled themselves with the brilliance of the scheme.

Excerpts from a few of their awe-struck online chat conversations: when u take the google account[,] put 2 step verification on them[.] that way the owner cant get the back for 5 days[.] …

In the world of making a television show, there are two ways to get music you really want on your show.

One: you can find some way to pay for it through licensing, or even buying the rights to cover the song, and you can do it yourself.

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