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So silica, like quartz and things like that, you have to have carbon in there, at least carbon-14. So with carbon-14, you know, every living thing has the carbon in it and it’s part of the food chain, and you just measure how much is there, and it kind of tells you the age. You measure the radioactive substance, and what it breaks down into slowly over the ages. Potassium 40 is in pretty much any minerals in the earth, but when it decays and breaks down through radioactive decay the atoms turn into a gas.

Argon gas, and that would normally just drift away, but if you start out with lava, like in a volcano, let’s say, or volcanic ash, something like that.

(Owens later apologized and paid for his and his wife’s trip out of his own pocket.) Which is not to say that asking questions about a candidate’s life outside politics needs to be about scandal.

The fossil shrimp and fish in this layer of sedimentary rock from Lebanon date back to the Middle Cretaceous era, about 95 million years ago.

Photo: Brocken Inaglory, Creative Commons, some rights reserved Unlike organic material, which can be dated using carbon-14, stone and fossils often contain no carbon, or may be older than the carbon method can track.

If you don’t want to spend your time hanging out with your neighbors’ kids, make sure you live in one of the hot spots.

It may cost you a few (hundred) more bucks a month, but it’s worth it.

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