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Kiosk Net gets the word out - it's the most powerful business tool you'll ever own.The Kiosk Net system is a powerful and reliable system to inform, distribute, and advertise your message and your brand.You are responsible for timely registration renewal even if you do not receive a notice.

The new model, developed after extensive consultation, retains the forest-green colour and footprint of the original while modernising and revamping the space.

If your license plates are more than eight years old, you may receive replacement license plates in the mail after you renew. You may renew a vehicle registration with either the access code from the renewal notice or the plate number and last 4 digits of the VIN.

Registrations may be renewed online up to 18 months after expiration.

The new kiosks can even be equipped with toilets, at the request of the operator.

They will replace some 360 original 19th-century kiosks by June 2019, while 40 will be renovated.

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