Itemupdating called twice

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I have an entity called This leads me to Collection Graph Node.

Update where variable 'existing' has a list of one item and 'entity' has a list of 2 items with the 2nd having an Id=0.

There are some demos if you follow the link but, as a taster, the code for rendering a combobox might look something like this: Ext.create('

However it is not currently possible to use a primary key in the history* tables due to the server occasionally attempting to insert the same row twice.

The queries to render this graph now complete in 1-6 seconds (depending on SSD cache / age of data), or about 0.5 - 1s uncached per item in graph over a large span.

I am unsure when it happens, however I have observed (at rate of ~10/day on our current test server) errors like "Duplicate entry '42120-1452240997' for key 'PRIMARY' [insert into history_uint ..." Given that the most frequent item is 1 per second this is obviously non-sensense, but regardless the correct behaviour would be to ignore the duplicate entry and insert the rest.

When the code gets to the db Collections has now 3 items with the last two being exactly the same (similarly in variable existing).

From that point onwards the list keeps having my addition as duplicate (with the same new Id) and of course causing a lot of trouble.

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