Diablo armory not updating

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As you can see we've been hard at work and we will continue to add and tweak features.Community involvement with data collection and analysis is very important to the site and you can help by simply adding your Battle Tag. The more you play the more data you provide for the whole community.

"Swap seamlessly between set items, skills, runes, and gems with the click of a button.""Any items equipped via the Armory will automatically swap to wherever the exchanged equipment was stored," Blizzard elaborates, "whether that’s back into your stash or your personal inventory.

Gems and Legendary Gems will also swap and, if you ‘ve upgraded or leveled up your gems, the Armory will automatically select the highest quality or level available for that gem type.

Lastly, your skill bar will also update to your selected skills, rune, and Kanai’s Cube power preferences, and you’re welcome to name your setups whatever you like!

The launch of the Rise of the Necromancer pack draws ever closer, nephalem, and today we have a special treat in store: the global reveal of the introduction campaign cinematic for the Necromancer class!

Blizzard has given us all a first look at Diablo 3's upcoming 2.5.0 patch, which seems like a pretty substantial update when it comes to the quality of your monster-slaying life.

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