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Ryder and Chelsea's latest posts seem to confirm the two are now an item – as Emma made her wrestling comeback on WWE's flagship show Raw on Monday.The cross-promotional couple seem very happy as they shared snaps of them cuddling – which was hailed by fans as “adorable”.The 31-year-old former Intercontinental Champion had previously been dating fellow WWE wrestler Emma.Rumors were running wild the two split-up after Emma unfollowed Ryder on Instagram back in November.According to Nielsen’s social media TV ratings, this week’s post-Wrestle Mania edition of WWE Raw ranked #1 among series & specials for the night.Raw had 285,000 interactions with 57,000 unique authors on Twitter.Results of step-heating experiments imply that the trapped within the glass is located in two distinct reservoirs thought to be the glass matrix and fluid/vapor inclusions (or un-melted residual clasts).Calculations assuming an age of 0.2 ± 0.1 Ma for Tswaing (fission track data) reveal that the amount of inherited Ar* concentration in the target rock).

He is currently on the shelf with a knee injury he suffered during a battle royal on Smackdown for an opportunity at the Tag Team Championship.

(2016): A pressure-temperature phase diagram for zircon at extreme conditions.

(2016): The Gao-Guenie impact melt breccia – Sampling a rapidly cooled impact melt dike on an H-chondrite asteroid?

This is up from last week’s 119,000 Twitter interactions with 27,000 unique authors.

Raw also had 573,000 Facebook interactions with 355,000 unique authors, up from last week’s 306,000 interactions with 199,000 unique authors on Facebook.

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