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Here at Granny, we've got tons of granny contacts who are looking for young dates to have some easy fun with! Despite the large age gap, senior dating can be a very positive and fulfilling experience for a younger man.

As the famous author Mark Twain once said, "Age is just an issue of mind over matter. Here are some tips to remember for dating grannies: Tip#1: If she doesn't choose the location herself for your first meet up, then choose a place where you think both of you will become comfortable.

Granny dating has been growing in popularity these days, as many men find them more attractive due to their life's experience and maturity.

They aren't demanding and needy like younger women, which makes them fun to be with.

Have you had enough and already made your way through plenty of girls your own age and slightly older that haven’t interested you in the slightest?

Are you starting to think outside the box for something more interesting, exciting, something that will keep you on your toes? You need someone older, more interesting, more exciting – a woman that knows what she is doing and doesn’t need to play games with you!

For Untouchable Love is essentially a documentary about dating, love and marriage in Hindu societies, with specific focus on Nepal.

In hamon’s free-to-play smartphone title, it features several million-year-old grannies that can probably fix you a nice treat with one hand, while bench-pressing you with the other.

In her new memoir “Granny Is My Wingman,” Kayli Stollak, a single girl in New York City, enlists her 75-year-old granny in North Palm Beach, FL, to help her out of her post break-up funk.

In other societies, something other than caste would force this kind of love into the open, sometimes it's religion, sometimes it's money, sometimes it's family feuds (like in Romeo and Juliet). They will smoke marijuana and drink alcohol simply because adults tell them that they cannot do so.

In Nepal, they will fall in love with persons from another caste in defiance of their customs. For one who lives in a (sadly) much more Westernized country, where the concept of marriage and love has lost meaning, seeing these young people enduring endless torture, jail, bloodshed and death in the name of love, makes you think that probably there is something in those songs of Celine Dione, and of Minnie Ripperton, and the whole bunch of them.

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