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After Ellen.com: You have some new cast members this year! Siya: Well, of course, you know my girl Bia’s out here working. I don’t want us as women for one, to look crazy on television, and number two, as female emcees and what we represent, especially to the youth.I try to keep the peace for all the women, but that’s just my natural being in life, period.The model, 27, admitted that growing up in the public eye has always put a strain on her romantic relationships to Hello!magazine - just days after her sudden break-up from male model Frankie last week.When the baby is born Brennan and Booth are there for Daisy and the baby.In The End in the End, Daisy, alongside Clark Edison, Wendell Bray, Arastoo Vaziri and Jessica Warren are forced to rely on the skills Brennan taught them without her help to find the clue their mentor spotted but forgot due to a head injury in the remains of a victim.Surprisingly, they were seen bonding in A Night at the Bones Museum over the identification of the mummy Anukh. Over time, Brennan has developed a friendship with Daisy and once invited her to her bachelorette party.When Sweets dies in season 10, it's shown that Brennan has come to like Daisy and in a way 'mothers' her.

Before the events in The Conspiracy in the Corpse, Sweets and Daisy were married and their restored relationship resulted in her pregnancy with their son; Seeley Lance Wick-Sweets.

In her personal and professional lives, Siya strives for perfection, and it looks like Season 3 might where she finds both love and the chance to create her dream record, a project she’s working on called that fans will hear more about on tonight’s premiere. Siya: The whole vibe was awesome, you know what I mean? I got to meet Lee Mazin, get to know Lee Mazin—she’s awesome, she’s amazing as well. You’ll see a little bit of drama with one of the girls, but I can’t spill all the tea now!

We talked with Siya about some major cast changes, doing long distance with her girlfriend, Daisy, and giving the ladies what they want. AE: You’re always kind of the peacekeeper and making sure everyone’s getting along. Siya: That’s just my natural character, you know what I mean?

When asked if her new-found confidence has made her consider other projects aside from modeling in the future, she replied: 'Totally.

She was in a relationship with Lance Sweets, who proposed to marry her in the episode The Bones on the Blue Line.

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