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The URL may contain version information at the end of the value for object elements.In that case, if the component required by the object element does not exist on the client computer or it is older than the version specified by the code Base attribute, browsers try to download the required one.Originally, these files were used to minimize the number of disks shipped with packaged product; today, files are used to reduce the file size and the associated download time for Web content that is found on the Internet or corporate intranet servers.The file format is a nonproprietary compression format, also known as MSZIP, that is based on the Lempel-Ziv data-compression algorithm.Hi, I have created Activex control for FTPcontrol (upload and download the files).Now the next thing I need to implement is version control.Hi, My configuration: Visual Studio 2010 Windows 7 - 64 When i compile the project "Download Deployer", the following error occurs: "Unable to build assembly named 'Downloaded App.dll', HRESULT == '800700C1' ".

codebase version not updating cab-41

If the control has been stored in a file, OBJECT must include a CODEBASE attribute that specifies the URL for this file.This forum is to discuss problems of using VS and VWD Express for ASP. Your question is not related to the topic of this forum.I suggest that, you could consider posting it in Internet Explorer Development forum for more efficient responses.Thus the page needs to include logic (scripts) to take account of this.In fact, the page should include logic for the following: Detect if Java Web Start is installed are all set to 1.

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