Boomer dating advice

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I am fit, toned and dress younger than most men in their 50's. I am attracted to younger women because I still have the vigor and attitude of a younger man. " There are a lot of reasons why people in general are attracted to folks who are considerably (10 years) younger than themselves: to feel young again, to feel attractive to someone still in their reproductive prime, to enjoy the rush that youth provides (as opposed to the jadedness or anger some of us wear as we get older), and to feel proud that someone young and desirable is on our arm.I don't feel much different than I did when I was 30, and younger women are attracted to me. From this angle I understand completely why someone would want to start dating younger women, yet I struggle with the implications on a larger scale."I am a 53 year old recently divorced man getting back in the dating game.My problem is I can easily pass for being in my late 30's.In episode 48, I have Chris Roddell as my guest on the essential boomer. The Colorful Guide to Simple Human Happiness, the only self-improvement book graced with a cover endorsement by the legendary golfer & pitchman Arnold Palmer. In episode 47 of The Essential Boomer, Jim Jensen talks about how to avoid being a victim of telephone scams.While on vacation in Hawaii I hear the phone ringing in the condominium that we were renting. “Hello (In thick Indian accent), I am calling from Microsoft Tech support and I’m…Online dating is the one place where women over 50 are unequal to men.Every aspect of it is skewed in favor of men, frequently leaving women feeling at the mercy of male daters.

Baby Boomers on a fixed income can take advantage of these to enrich their lives.

I can’t promise every woman over 50 will find the man of her dreams, but I can promise that following my suggestions will alter the way women over 50 date online.

Don’t listen to anyone who insists online dating is a numbers game or that kissing lots of frogs is necessary.

The only age groups that generally seem happy with the dating younger women phenomena are the 40-something women (because they are dating younger men), and the single 70 men (who are in high demand because of sheer lack of numbers).

Having said all of that (don't worry, my rant about dating younger women is over), you do say that younger women are attracted to you.

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