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The year before she met Johnny, Amber came out to us in an interview on the red carpet of the GLAAD Awards.

Despite her publicist’s attempts at having us taking it down and obvious want of keeping Amber in the closet, the actress has been out and proud about her dating both men and women, and has reiterated the sentiment even while dating LGBT ally Johnny Depp.

I didn’t realize I was bisexual until I was about halfway through college.

I called myself an ally, and gladly spent my time learning more about the community and how I could fight for justice.

Some women who took part in an Australian study even said they would never be able to go back to dating straight men at all.During my junior year, I went to an LGBTA conference, and decided to wander into a session about bisexuality. Even though I had been immersed in gay culture for that past few years, I couldn't shake my conservative upbringing.It had been so easy to assume being gay was a choice because I honestly choose between the two.Walking out of the session, I wanted to cry at how much my old thought patterns still dictated my life.This was also just over three years into dating the man that is now my husband.

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